On the Fence!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello Dolls and Gents!
Fall is here and I am totally on the Fence and sooooo not ready! I'm still having fun with some of my bright clothing. Yep, I knew this day was coming BUT I'm still not ready just yet. Yikes! Some individuals believe in wearing what they want no matter the season and I'm one of them. However, I do believe in fabrics per season. There's nothing like walking around in wool in the summer (Tehee). Not the business correct! Today look is all about my mood and wearing just what I want! Fabrics on point though.

Take a look at how I styled this ensemble... How gorg is this Asian print Pussy Bow Blouse. I happen to be browsing Thrifting Atlanta facebook page and noticed the brand Eclecticnista and all its Fabulousness! Founder Stephanie Long owns her style in which her brand leads by example. A trait I definitely posess. I'm totally all about embracing my beauty and looking fabulous in treasured pieces. If you follow my social media handles, then you know my motto: "Be Bold... Be You"

The hunt was on for a brown sandal that had charcter. One that was unique to the eye. After many attempts Shoedazzle had these cuties on the Deal of the Day! Being a Elite VIP and Brand Ambassador totally landed me the 2 in one handbag for my birthday. All the more reason to feel fab in both shoes and handbag! You too can score these looks by signing up as a VIP and get 50% off your first pair. Click the link ShoeDazzle Invite to become a Dazzle girl! I did!

KishaRose Look Book
Vintage Blouse ~ Eclecticnista 
Cullotes ~ Parkavenue Thrift Outlet
Accessories ~ TreSource
Dress Sandal ~ ShoeDazzle 
Handbag ~ ShoeDazzle 

Are you on the Fence about fall? Well if so join the club! Fashion is a true expression. Sooooo Express yourself!

Until next time... Shop Smart. Look Fabulous! 


  1. I am with you I don't forsake color in my wardrobe at all, but it has to be in the right fabric.

    1. Indeed fabric plays a great part in seasons! Thanks for stopping by love!!!


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